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What Makes Our Program Special

A New Life for Women provides a specialty program. Women as a rule, tend to stumble into addiction from uniquely painful places. Whether the history involved abusive relationships or childhood trauma and women are far more likely to exhibit issues such as depression, anxiety and other psychosocial issues. A New Life for Women you bring such experiences into the group and play them out via storytelling, role-play and more essential steps for healing. We recognize that each woman brings a different background to recovery process and you will be surrounded with a sup portative environment in which to begin the reconnecting process. Studies have consistently shown that women feel more comfortable opening up in women-only groups.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of A New Life for Women is to help women understand how the link between trauma and substance abuse has impacted their life and begin teaching these women how to remain safe from future trauma and substance use.

At A New Life for Women we shall continue to dedicate our lives to helping women find new and progressive ways to overcome addiction, and heal.

For more information about A New Life for Women alcohol and drug treatment program call (904) 724-9960.